RapidModz or GamingModz?

Hey everyone im about to buy a modded controller and im woundering where a good place to buy them is I have found two sites that i think are okay but i would like another gamers input on this!




please let me know what you think!

and also if you know any other places that are better to buy these at i would like to know thanks so much!

Personally I would go for rapidmodz

Not RapidModz. I bought a controller from them about 6 months ago, it worked fine for about 1 month then it broke… sent it in, got it fixed, worked for about 3 weeks.

I just gave up after that, they may have them cheap but they do not last that long.

Go with GamingModz

Neither go InstinctMods :wink:

well lol if anyone could refer a link to a even better site that would be awsome!

PM me, I don’t have a site just yet but I back my work and would be more than happy to help you :wink:

i just sent you a mssg on aim!


Best service and free shipments.

Viking360.com you will never have to by another mod again

Lol i bought mine in a store :smiley:.

im looking for a fairly cheap controller?



You’ll have to register before you can view their shop though. I bought from them.

Also take into consideration “you get what you pay for”…i learned this the hard way…lol

Depends on prices…If the prices are good, go with Rapid

I have a rapidmodz controller but it broke on me. Got a new one from modz-armory.com they have amazing designs and modz work great.

I bought one for my son for Christmas and was broken right out of the box!! Since shipped it back 2 times at my expense. Broke again (3 time) so I called customer service and they said they would fix it but I would have to pay for it. VERY RUDE SERVICE and am doing everything in my power to keep people from buying their $150 GARBAGE!

nice bump.

Had to, they really pissed me off when they cant take care of their LED’s flopping around inside the controller!! They accused me of throwing against a wall or dropping it. Thats why it was broken. BITC#