Razer® Blade Pro™ - Advertisement design

So this is one of many advertisement designs to come for my college portfolio. This is one I designed an advertisement for Razer, a well known gaming company who specializes in computers and computer accessories. If you don’t know them you can check them out here.

Let me describe to you how this piece came to be, so pretty much the Razer Blade Pro is revolutionizing the gaming and daily use of computers. So what I did was made the computer the center piece (of course) and had meteors rotating around it, having the computer symbolize the universe.

Without further adieu I present you with the design…

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This is nice, but again man stay away from the ‘gaming’ style. Like the glows and brushes. I’m only saying this because this was the style I did when I first started using Photoshop 6 years ago. These type of styles won’t translate well into real world advertising.

Check your other thread for feedback that applies to this picture as well. Try something new, adapt to a new style to appeal to companies. You’re still in the gaming style, the type of style they use for video game montages and forum signatures.

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There seems to be a lot of heavy desaturation around the main subject and the only true colors are in the glow effects.
There’s no actual black color which doesn’t work well, and this is also similar in your other works.

I’ll be honest and say that most of your pieces look the same.

To me it’s more or less he’s afraid to venture outside his comfort zone [his usual style] in fear of a product that won’t look good.
But you need to practice and know that not every piece you complete is going to look good, especially when trying new styles.

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