Razer Blade Stealth

So I’ve always been a console gamer, mainly because I lack the money to dump into a good PC setup. Which sucks, cause I love PC gaming. But recently I’ve been thinking about hopping over and this ■■■■ looks hot. Not only is it stealing me with its gimmicky looks but from what I’ve been hearing its pretty sweet. The big sell is the Razer Core. I think it’s pretty cool for being a laptop with portability built with power. What do you guys think?


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You are going to be looking at probably $2000-$2500 minimum for it and that that price you might as well just buy a laptop and a $1000 gaming PC. No upgrading your CPU which is another big downside. I don’t see it being worth it.

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@Chris is right i would get a plain laptop and a Gaming desktop.
Yeah being able to Game on the go is nice but after a while you will need something better and laptops dont offer the ability to upgrade like a desktop

Well that’s where the Razer Core comes in I assumed? Its an upgradeable external graphics card and the laptop itself has upgradeable RAM? I thought it was neat :frowning:

In the end it is really up to you, it does look cool, I know Alienware has something similar though it only supports certain cards so I’m sure that one only supports certain ones as well

The Laptop itself is going to be $1300 for 256gb 1440p which is only going to allow you to have 2-8 games, I’m sitting at close to 600gb in games and I only have 13 or so installed. Then you have the core which I can only imagine they are going to charge a nice premium for the bitfenix case, then you have whatever hardware is inside plus a GPU which if they don’t sell with it would be better. As I said probably around $2000 at the low end which is a top of the line PC with monitors, keyboards, mice, ect. You are spending a decent amount of money for the name and for something that hasn’t been done yet.