RDR Mod Tool v2.5

Updated to version 2.5: July 24th 2011 1:23am

I have not yet tested the Other features for SP like play as jack ect. So please let me know if it corrupts the save or doesn’t work. The money, honor and fame should work fine.

,----[ About ]
 |   This is my first project I have made in C# I couldn't of done it without help from friends.
 |   This Red Dead Editor will be update every few weeks and mayby soon I might learn how
 |   to use IDA and learn to decrypt the new saves and release publicly.

 ,----[ Change Log ]
 |---[ v2.5 ]
 | - Changed GUI
 | - Switched to .Net Frame 3.5
 | - Changed how things read, save, write
 | - Getting ready to import Decryption, Encryption
 | - New about
 | - Fixed Links
 | - Fixed autoupdater
 |---[ V2 ]
 | - New GUI
 | - Completed SP Tool
 | - Auto Updater
 | - Rehash And Resigner
 | - Download Saves
 | - Bugs Fixed
 |---[ Beta 1.3.1 ]
 |  - Disabled Character Selector
 |---[ Beta 1.3 ]
 |  - Whole New GUI
 |  - Add Lock all Golden Guns
 |  - Added Unlock all Golden Guns
 |  - Added some extra codes for loading
 |---[ Beta 1.2 ]
 |  - Fixed IDs
 |  - Able to change IDs
 |  - Added Goldens Guns
 |  - Added Character Selector(Disabled)
 |  - Added Status Bar
 |  - Fixed some small loading problems

 ,----[ Credits ]
 |   Me for creating the tool
 |   Abis, Mocha and Lewis for helping me learn and give me tips
 |   A few people who have given me ideas
 |   The community for providing me with information.

DL - RDR Mod Tool v2.5

Looks pretty good I’ll try it.

Hmm fix the download link, bro.

Your download link is a gyazo picture link >.<

Thats not a download link?

Link fixed. Damn MediaFire says it copied link to clipboard and it doesn’t. D:

Good old mediafire that only works half the time.

Downloading now, and to get an old save all you have to do is clear your cache then not update. Atleast I think that still works.

Fail lol. D:

Remember guys, I’m still a noob. xD

Fixed hopefully.
V_V No more problems please…

Hmm, I will have to check this out. Great tool Dave. :smile:

Does this work online or are online mods just gone for good?

Yes this works Online hence the “Multiplayer” tab in the Program. :laughing:

Can’t wait for the singleplayer version to be released! Good work Dave!

I got an Idea, since you don’t know how to get the new saves working, get an old file that can still be modded and add it to the project, and add a button, like add old save to mod. So it will edit the old save and then put it on your desktop, or somewhere wherever you want it.

Great Idea. Supply the old saves. :smile: GJ. I will implant it in the next update.

Update will be released in a couple of days. New features

Added Golden Guns
Added Status Bar
Fixed IDs(They was backwards)
Able to change console ID, profile ID and device ID
And mayby a character selector. :smiley:

Love you Dave, everything works fine, as of now. And will be uploading a video of the mods featured soon.

Nice :smiley:
Luckily the tool I have can mod the new saves ><

Mayby one day. :rolleyes:

V1.2 Is uploaded. :smiley:

Where can i get an old save from?