RDR2 Update

Where do we go to upvote this mod to get updated.

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Why do you think the trainer needs to be updated?

I start the game threw steam first as said in the read before playing. I wait till im all the way loaded into the game with feet on the ground. I then alt tab to the trainer, click play, says it loaded then i got into a fist fight and health was going down until i died. Unless im doing something wrong.

What mode are you playing in? Campaign or Red Dead Online?

Campaign, and i just stood in the middle of a gun fight just to see and with every bullet hit my health went down till i was killed even with unlimited health on.

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Where did you buy the game from?

From steam on my account><

It’s the same for me. Steam version launched from Steam and then opened in WeMod(8.6.0) the latest mod. Some of the codes work, like unlimited ammo, but unlimited health doesn’t. Game of course played only in story mode.

Edit: I’ve found the way to make it work - you just have to turn unlimited horse health on in addition to player’s health and it should work.