RE: Horizon on Mac, Linux, etc

To clear things up Horizon is exclusive to the Windows operating system.
Meaning it is not coded to run on Mac OS or Linux, and I’m sure the devs have no plans to port them considering the program runs on .NET (Windows exclusive.)

I have a Mac, can I run Horizon?
Yes, you can do this any of the following ways.
-Use a virtual machine such as VM Ware and run Windows in a virtual machine.
-Dual boot Mac OS with Windows via Bootcamp or Parallels.
Make sure to download the .NET Framework on your virtual machine.

I’m a Linux user, can I use Horizon?
-No, currently the only way to run .exe’s on a Linux based OS is with a add-on called “Wine”.
Which still doesn’t support .NET based applications.
-According to some people there are virtual machine clients for Linux. Google them.

Hopefully this will clear things up.

Basic Knowledge.

Well people still post, so I still made a thread.

If its so basic, why do people constantly make threads asking when a Mac compatible version will be released?

Not excatly.
Some people are maby beginners or dont have much knowledge with computers/I.T as such.
This is very helpful for some people who maby got a mac or linux for Christmas.
Good Thread cccodyyyy once again :thumbsup:

You can always get the Virtual Box app for Linux too!

I haven’t found any virtual machines, but I’ll add it to the OP.

Then this should be stickied, even then people will still look over it, instead of researching and such. you could do a search on the site “Horizon for mac” and you would get a thread stating that the devs arn’t going to make one, they make a new thread asking “Horizon for mac pl0x?” I didn’t mean for my comment to come on as trolling/sarcasm. I wouldn’t of thanked the topic if i didn’t think it was a good idea

I didn’t know that linux fact that he stated so its not basic knowledge it helped me so thank you cody for this informational tip. I hope this will clear up some things and ignore teh trolls they jelly


I have Virtual Box for my Ubuntu machine, one minute i’ll show proof here:

Linux_Downloads - VirtualBox

Im not a troll mate, i support this entirely.

Nom Nom Nom
Don’t feed the trolls!
I was sure you could get virtualbox for linux


Okay sorry maby it messed up.
Check again…

Oh,ok i was getting ready to say, what?

hopefully we stop seeing these questions, or at least less often

Nice post this will clear things up

Stuck for now.

I thought Winebottler was only for OSX I havnt seen a link for linux on their site.