Hello all!

I’m back from a long inactivity and thought a new introduction is in order!

I’m Myles
21 years young
Born and bread in the UK
Use to be on here all the time back in the days of Xbox, now I’m a solid PC gamer though the Xbox is flicked on now and then, I’m part of a well known Counter-Strike: Source clan that host a lot of servers like Jailbreak, surf, Bunnyhop so on (hopefully some CS:GO soon as well).

Very few will remember me but I see some familiar faces still!

Some hobbies are skiing, fishing, football, badminton and building computers.

Work as an electrical engineer for an oil & gas and wind turbine company.

Thought I would make an return back on here as I enjoyed the forums back in the old days and can see a lot has changed and a lot of work has been done, good job!

I would see my self as a friendly and easily approachable person and am always found in a TS, May pop my head in on the one you guys host :smile:

I think that’s about it!

Steam: a_killer_tie (name should come up with ]HeLL[ Myles)
Xbox GT: A kILLeR TiE