Recommend A Game

Hello gamers! :wave: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This thread exists for the sole purpose of helping other community members to find great games that they have not played yet.
Played a game recently and thought it was awesome? Share it here so that others can hopefully get the same enjoyment.

Don’t forget to at least include:

  1. The name of the game
  2. The genre of the game
  3. Why you think the game is awesome
  4. A link to get the game from a store (no pirating, cracking or other links to shady, illegal websites allowed!)

Looking forward to seeing your recommendations. :slight_smile:

Let’s try to keep discussions to a minimum. This should just be a place to share and discover great games. Long discussions about them can take place elsewhere.

I’ll go first.

Name: Prey.
Genre: Sci-fi | Space | Survival

I am so far enjoying this game, which is basically like Bioshock in space. It was developed by the same people behind the Dishonored franchise, so you can expect some similar game mechanics here, such as having multiple different paths to completing your objectives with different outcomes.

It does start off slow admittedly, but then you will soon realise that everything you experienced in the the slow start was actually important to the story of the game. You will be doing a lot of exploring and trying to figure out the best path to take in order to achieve what you need to do.
It does have stealth mechanics, but like Disonored it is up to you if you want to play stealthily or go charging in like Rambo after he’s been snorting Red Bull.

If you like Bioshock, Dishnored, space, sci-fi or survival, you might enjoy Prey.

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