Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats and Trainer for Rockstar Games

doesnt seem like any of the cheats work, dying with unlimited health, umlim ammo doesnt seem to work, needs an update please.

Working 100% so far. Just start the game, load single mode, pause and then alt+tab to start WeMod. Amazing!

I don’t get it, it worked yesterday, now the trainer crashed the game immediately

is it possible to update the RDR2 trainer to have honour cheats?

there was a bug where the trainer broke the game like making imposible to interact with object or even pausing the game is this fix ?

yeah wemod does not support multiplayer game and i agree with that

cheating in singleplayer ok
cheating in multiplayeur just no

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Trainer worked yesterday and now it just makes it the game crash

Please update im mid game lol id appreciate it <3

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At least the rockstar launcher version still only works partway, infinite health etc dont work. infinite items seems to.

Edit: I tested again today and as far as i can tell it is all working now

I have launcher version of the game, and health is not working.
Money and ammo is, have not tested anything else, as nothing else interest me.

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No God Mode?

All the options work 100% Just great…except Unlimited Health.
I press F1 and get the sound…but it does nothing…it just doesnt work.
I can [Alt Tab] and even see that it toggles.

Everything else works as intended.

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Everything works except for unlimited ammo and unlimited health. Unlimited health does toggle but I still get damage and the unlimited ammo untoggles itself after a milisecond


Same here. Money & ammo is working. But health, stamina & deadeye dont. also does not work for the horse. pls fix.

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Yes, please correct, please!

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As I’ve stated multiple times, none of the testers or MAF are having any issues. There is no way for the trainer to be updated if the issue cannot be reproduced.

How? There is multiple people having the same problem so it should be reproducible

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Think i liked it better when MAF had only his own site, worked through the issues that everyone had, no chest thumping community manager telling everyone they are full of s$%t and there is no problem here.

  • Unlimited health and horse health do not work.
  • Unlimited Deadeye does not work
  • Unlimited Stamina and horse stamina do not work

Maybe if we state it multiple times it may magically come true.

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