Red Dead Redemption 2

In all of my 30 years of gaming I am at 50% of this game, I have never found a game that is so controlling you cannot save at critical points of the game, but I like the game and I’m determined to finish the game, going to try and find the first Red Dead that will be fun lol.:slight_smile:

Have fun tracking down all the legendary animals if you are going for 100% completion :slight_smile:

Tip for the legendaries (the non-fish anyway):

Use any weapon you want and as many shots as you want, even if you normally wouldn’t use that weapon to hunt the regular version of that animal for perfect pelts. Because the legendaries are scripted to always give you legendary pelts.

Snipe a legendary predator a few times from a little bit away with a rifle (headshots are quicker). Oh dear, is it retaliating and getting a bit too close for comfort? Blast it in the face with a shotgun a couple times. Doesn’t matter, you’ll still get a legendary pelt.

Best of luck with those legendary fish though. Gosh fishing is so boring, even in RDR2 :laughing:

This game RDR2 has got me so UPTIGHT 69% and my main man Arthur Morgan is dead what a shocker even with Tuberculosis his day where numbered but playing this game is (in my opinion) was hard work with some of the crazy QUESTS I am GUTTED.:frowning: