Region codes - Abgx360?

You can change region code of a iso with Abgx360? Right?
Or have i misunderstood?
Anyway when i try to change region code on this game it wont change. And i dont know what im doing wrong!
Take a look:

Open Me

I haven’t dealt with this stuff in a while but when you downloaded the game, what was the region?


You can’t just change the region on the game. That is just a check to see if it matches your region. At least I’m pretty sure that is what it is for.

Oh, it just stood on another forum when i was serching that said you had to do it like that and it will change. Maybe he didnt know what he was talking about , but ok then i find another download

Exactly what it’s for.

Now am i confused. Why is it not working then?

It’s not supposed to work like you think it should. Like Chris said, it is to make sure you are going to burn a game that is either region free or the correct region.

You are basically selecting an option that will check what region you selected (PAL) and it will run it through the ISO and check if that ISO is PAL. If it isn’t, which is your picture, it isn’t, it will display it. (Showing up as NTSC, which is for North American)

You can’t play a North American copy on a Euro system. It’s like buying VHS porn from Europe (Reference to American Pie) and playing it on your TV which is NTSC. It won’t work. :wink:

TL;DR: No, it won’t work like you want it to. Only download “Region Free” or “PAL” Titles. :smile:

use the HD method less hassle…!!!

Ok, thanks.
But it is kind of a bug since its supposed to work. So its may in prosses to fix it?

Come again? What are you thinking on? :expressionless:

Download the right copy next time.

Ok look. Dishonored is a region locked game. It was ripped by someone in a different region then you. You downloaded it knowing it wasn’t the right region, right? And now you’re trying to change the region so It’ll work on your console which isn’t gonna do squat in deceiving that it’s your region. It’s not a bug. That isn’t what that feature was made for.

Next time download a region free rip or make sure it’s your region.

Yeah i got it now :wink:
Have downoaded 83% of the game on a PAL region!