[RELEASE] [Coder123] Black Ops 2 v0.5

The download link is located in the videos description.


Readme.txt :

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Game: Call Of Duty : Black Ops 2
Version: version 0.5
TitleUpdate: TU0


Zombie mode:

  • Fog has been disabled, because it sucks :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Godmode
  • Modified Field Of View
  • Super jump
  • No fall damage
  • See thru walls
  • Dead zombies will spin
  • Small crosshair
  • Dead zombies will fly to the sky/roof
  • Crouch speed has been modified


  • Godmode
  • Modified Field Of View
  • Super jump
  • No fall damage
  • See thru walls
  • Dead bodies will spin
  • Small crosshair
  • Dead bodies will fly to sky/roof
  • Crouch speed has been modified
  • Modified bot names has been enabled
  • Bot names has been modded
  • Knockback


Coder123_Bo2_v0.5/modified/default_mp.xex //Modified default_mp.xex file
Coder123_Bo2_v0.5/original/default_mp.xex //Original un-modified default_mp.xex file

///How to use////////////////

Replace old BO2 files with the modified ones.


This was originally created for Zombie mode, but i guess people are going to use it in multiplayer too.

zombie stuff:

  • Crouch speed was modified because if i would modify walking or running speed, then the zombies would also have super speed.
  • Small crosshair is just a visual mod
  • There is death barriers in the sky, so watch out with the super jump, it appears that when you are close to bus it is more dangerous to jump?

multiplayer stuff:

  • Like i said this was originally for zombies, so the godmode will also work for multiplayer = cant kill.
  • Added knockback for MP, does not work for ZM mode. If you want to start glitching or something?
  • You cant add color codes “^1, ^2 or [hex 01] button codes” to the bot names.

More black ops 2 mods coming soon. :smile:

///Contact Information///////

aim: im.coder
skype: imnotcodersogtfo
youtube: C123mods

If you want to donate for me, then talk to me on AIM or skype.

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Enjoy guys!

Sincerely, Coder123. :smile:

there are already hacks, and the game hasn’t even come out. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are game bans of this already and console bans too :@ + If you get caught say goodbye to online bo2 and on second time xbl

What’s up with the video. It’s all glitchy and crap.

JJust jtag and rgh right?

Its maybe the mod/hack he was using or he used a potato to film it

If it doesnt have anything to do with gpds , svgs or iso mods then it is rgh/Jtag

Double Posted noooooooo

Video and the mods has been re-uploaded, my USB corrupted them last time, enjoy.

Is there a chance you can update it for TU1

Liked this thread. Not because it’s mods for BO2, it’s because it’s an actual release on this site. Wish there were more threads like this.

Awesome work as always Coder. :smiley:

What’s sad is this is for the game that isn’t out yet, AND that people have already used it and been banned. LOLz.


Nice, wish they had some USB mods lol. That is where my skill level max’s out :stuck_out_tongue:

Dam you just a boss, I barely active here but when I come and spy on the forums wow I’m surprise. Inb4 Treyarch is pissed LOL

What fun do people find in zombies if you are just going to use god mode?

Nice release as always coder. Now let’s all go back to Halo 4. :thumbsup:

Like search the areas and do easter eggs.

Hitman Absolution mods coming today! :smile:

I guess we will be seeing more from you…Thanks by the way…

Could you reupload the file please?