[Release] Dark Souls 2 Best Starter Save to Date (Nov 12th, 2014)

Ok Guys i thought i would share my very first Xbox 360 gamesave so i hope this go’s well, because i do alot of playstation modding now i’m doing alot more Xbox mods so i can try to do both.

I have looked all over online and have not found an Unlimited Health and Unlimited Stamina gamesave. If i’m not mistaking they patched it after the 1.03 update. So, as i would like to provide today is a gamesave for Unlimited health and stamina.


  1. Download the save from link above (if any problems please let me know)
  2. Open Horizon Inject New File on to you USB Flash drive.
  3. Change the Profile, Device, and Console ID to your ID’s.
  4. Please make sure to hit Save, Rehash, and Resign when you are finished.
  5. Before starting go into you Xbox Hard drive and Delete the Title Update and Compatibility Updates (doing so causes no harm you can always redownload it again)
  6. Load it up and enjoy!!

What the save has:

  1. This save is pretty basic as said it is unlimited health and stamina when enemies hit you your health is instantly back to full and your stamina is also instantly back to full and also so will your weapon durability.
  2. Environmental damage does still happen and can still kill you ie, falling off cliff/fall damage/poison/bleeding/petrified/cursed (cursed don’t kill you but still happens)
  3. This save is at the very start of the game at the start i mean before creating you character. :thumbsup:
  4. You will be one-hitting EVERYTHING and by one-hitting i mean you do 99999DMG no matter the weapon and/or upgrade you can play NG+++++++++ with a level 13 and a basic dagger and still one-hit EVERYTHING.
  5. With every enemy that you kill they will ALWAYS drop items. (drop rate is 100% enemies and NPC’s)

Please as said before this is an OFFLINE ONLY save if you try to play this with going online it will make you download the title update’s and everything else and it will overwrite the data making it a normal game. As said fallow these steps and you should not have any problems ENJOY!! :smiley:

Looks nice

Thanks i know some people have been looking for a save like this

Do you happen to have a save like this one but for dark souls 1?

C’mon guys. Dark Souls 2 isn’t THAT hard. What are you, casul?

Thank you very much! < 3

just fallow the steps i posted and you should be fine…

does the same go for dark souls 2 sotfs\scholar of the first sin #xbox

Yes i believe so. 2 and SOTFS goes under same title id i believe.
Anyway, try it out. Maybe it works, im not 100% sure but i think it work.

Tried, just ruined my main game save. But I never liked my main game save that much. #xbox