[Release] Diablo 3 Save Editor v2.0.0.6

How to use :
Make Manual Backup of your valid d3save then fallow :

  1. load your d3save by drag and drop or just by File >> Load.
  2. Edit the stats and gold to your desirings.
  3. Hit save.
  4. Close File (File >> Close)
  5. Transfer the d3save back to Your MU
  6. Profit!



Credits: Jappi88

You dident give credits to jappi for making this?

Did you ask Jappi88 if you could post this and you didn’t even put his name in the credits.

Considering if you press the “About” tab on the program it comes up with the creators name, I didn’t think it was necessary since I was claiming to have created it. Plus, this program got sent to me via Skype by a friend when I first got Diablo 3, so I have no idea who Jappi88 is or where the program comes from, however I’ve updated the main thread with said creators name.

Its from http://www.360haven.com/.

Did you put you need to pay for the inventory or something in the edition you need to pay for.

Ahhh fair enough, does that mean I can’t post it here?

You need to ask jappi88 really.

pls remove link.****n leecher

I’ll make an account on 360haven and ask him, I’m pretty positive he won’t mind though, isn’t the whole point of developing free programs is that they can be used by anyone…

since the use of this particular program isn’t exactly free that would be no. In fact, I don’t know how you could have even used it without knowing that.

lol I think Jappi will mind.

You can edit all your stats without having to purchase anything o.O

No you can’t. You can’t change them since the last title update.

I’ve checked the thread on 360haven and you can do everything apart from use the inventory editor, you must be added to a “Whitelist” to do that…

You could have just posted v1.0.0.0 since that is the true free one with just the stats/money. With the one you posted, you have to be added to the Whitelist to use the advanced stuff on it. So you’d have to ask permission from Jappi88 and you might also want to include how to get on said Whitelist.

V1.0.0.0 Download: 360Haven

Jappi88’s Thread: http://www.360haven.com/forums/threads/28777-[beta]-[xbox360-ps3]diablo-3-save-editor-v2/

Read Jappi88’s full “Why Whitelisting and How” thread: http://www.360haven.com/forums/threads/29199-help-jappi-out/

Excellent release my friend, keep up the good work!

this kid be taking stuff from 360haven and posting it here u should get ban from here.

“kid” I’m 19. And I can post whatever I want, if a dev wants it removed, he can ask me or staff to remove it.

You should go back and read the thread again. It’s common knowledge that the stats are now hardcoded into the game and will not be able to be changed with a save editor. You can use the initial version of the editor it just doesn’t change the stats any more.