[Release] Dynasty Warriors 8 Editor

Version: (9/15/2013)

New Features:
Added DLC Animal “Mammoth” to the editor
Added DLC Animal “White Tiger” to the editor
Added DLC Weapons “Fire Blade” and “Rotating Crossbow” to the editor.

Returning Features:
Compatibility to the editor for Traditional Chinese saves (DYNASTY WARRIORS 8(Tc) – 4B5607E6) has been restored.
Added All skills to be able to be locked or unlocked at user’s accord.
Weapons Editing
Animals Editing
Edit ALL desired Characters Stats and EXP
Unlock any Character
Edit Character Compatibility
Enabled users to read and write a character’s Level (fixed a bug that allows the editor to properly read the level which was off -1)
Unlock and Max ALL Character Skills
Added ability for users to select what 4 skills they can equip for any characters
Added ability for users to edit individual character skills
(Ambition Mode)
Added ability for users to edit any 3 Food effects
Edit Facility Materials
Edit Weapon Materials
Edit Max Fame
Edit Current Fame
Edit Gold
Added DLC Animal “Storm Runner” to the editor

Dynasty Warriors 8 Editor V1.2.2.0

Thanks for sharing!

thks as soon as i play this game i gona use the tool.

Minor update to the editor added.

awesome bud

stoked for more to come

Ok err so how do i use it?

Do you know the basic concept of “game saving”?

How is this game? Is it any good? I want to buy it, but I don’t want the game to be super easy like Dynasty Warriors 7.

I do, but once i modified my usb flash drive and put a savegame file there - editor didn’t saw it, so step by step manual would be really helpful here

I like it, I haven’t had much time to actually “play” it but so far I’ve only played Ambition mode and its pretty much, naturally you can change the difficulty to chaos and make it difficult.

extract the save from your USB, load the whole save in the editor, edit to your liking, save, rehash/resign, inject back onto USB

Well i kinda don’t know how to extract saved games from USB drive, that’s the whole point of me asking. Can you recommend me any usefull software perhaps?

Thanks for the editor. It works really well. I like being able to make certain adjustments to whatever resources or character stats that I want without having to automatically max anything like most trainers do.

stoked for more to come

Oakley Sunglasses

Without actually taking the time to compose a tutorial for several different programs I will just link you to one that is supported by this site – that has a tutorials section included

(There are other options as well just as 360Revolution, Ellipse, etc… all have the same basic foundation of functionality – with all each of their own additional functions).

Thank you, that helped a lot, but now game states that save game is somewhat “corrupted” ah whatever, i do believe i manage from now on.=\

Don’t forget to rehash and resign after saving the changes in the editor.

Rehashed and resigned it, still says it’s corrupt :\ any ideas why?

Please upload your save and I will take a look at it.
Please note that (100% of the time, so far) others that have used the editor previously and has a corrupted save, have used a trainer afterwards that corrupted the save. That being said be careful when using trainers, this editor creates a .bak of your save upon loading your save.

That being said as well, please list the steps you have taken in attempting to edit this save (any other programs used, if the save worked prior to other programs being used, etc…)

Also make sure you are using the most recent version of the editor.

I loaded the save in horizon
I extracted the save
I loaded the save in the editor
I edited the materials and saved
I dragged the save into horizon, rehashed and resigned
I loaded up the game and received the corrupt message.