[Release] GTA V Save Editor (

Tool Created By : iH8 Fr0st & Hova


Download : Click

Woot woot, it may be just money but its a giant step forward

AWESOME! :smiley:

On a side note has anyone tried getting the DLC weapons from the special edition in to a regular save?

Nice work in all, why dont you code everything into one full editor. It will make things easier for the people who will use it

Tool keeps saying my save isn’t decrypted when i used your other tool also for decryption

It does that some times its a bug i cannot fix.

I can encrypt/decrypt just fine, the checksum fixer works, this editor works, but when I open the hex file there are only ever three p’s and when I load the save in GTA the money hasn’t changed…

Are you using auto save?

i don’t get all the p’s when i scroll to the bottom and i’m following your steps exactly.

and i’m not using an autosave either.

send me your save with money ammount

No, I did a quick save from the phone. Should I try a full save from a safehouse?

Michael: 3526
Franklin: 63899
Trevor: 108657


Video now up watch that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you guys realize that the saves won’t be exactly identical. A few "p"s aren’t the problem.

What song is in your video?

now i’m getting an error about missing a .dll file, you said something about it in your OP but it’s gone now that you posted that video.

[Dubstep] - Lights - Toes (Eyes Remix)

Added to thread how to fix :smile:

I did an Auto-Save, worked fine for me :smile:

When I try reinjecting the encrypted file it doesn’t inject?