[RELEASE] Need For Speed - Hot Pursuit Editor


This was made by Hex bookmark and a save given by Mokuro. (meaning, I do not have the game yet.)
so if there are any bugs, be sure to let me know. Thanks.
iammurloc123: finding the Max/Limit

Edit Cop and Racer Bounties

*Note: you still have to rehash/resign after editing.

Need For Speed - Hot Pursuit V1.1.0.3 Editor

Virus Scan


  • if you are having issues with the editor
    be patient and post your save WITH your bounty for cop and racer that was SHOWN in game.
  • you should mod you bounty to a point below your next rank (if you want your achievements to look legit)

EDIT: Editor Updated, to V1.1.0.2 Possibly found Both true Values of Racer/Suspect and Cop Bounties.

really cool tool

Sweet, Thanks for upload!

Nice work ! :smiley:

Not a problem, :smile: its fun making editors for games that haven’t been made for yet.

yea just lemme know if there are any bugs

c00k c00l idk ftw

There seems to be a bug in the editing after the first time.

I will be working on that.

lol ok…

so I realized, the zipped file wasn’t the true it seemed like (the has the status strip) the older one does not. so the editor should like like the one that will be posted on the first post… lol thats what happens when you try to upload things right before work and just woke up. lol sorry guys.

the TRUE is up. lemme know if the same problem happens because I have a already made (just in case for that)

Doesn’t work at all. I put in 999,999,999 and rehash/save and it didnt work. Is there a limit?

try a reasonable amount. that’s just an unnecessary amount Lol :laughing:

lol xD he showedin his pic he did that. I figured i’d do it. Ihave the DLC packs downloaded anyway but I’m wondering if it’s possible to even do that.

cool im thinkin about getting this game

well to be honest i haven’t yet tried this tool. so i can’t say it works or it doesn’t. iv’e been too busy on Assassins Creed Brotherhood :stuck_out_tongue: lol

to be honest, I don’t know if there is a limit (as stated before, I don’t have the game, I’m going by bookmarks given to me)

so try a reasonable amount and let me know.
that way I can fix it. :smile:

do you have the newer version because even the new version picture doesnt show me doing 999999999

works fab thanks…

2000000 is the score u need to input for max rank…

then u need to play 1 game with both cops and racers to unlock all cars :smile:

wonderful to hear!!

thanks for finding out the max. I’ll add that to the revision and credit.
now it should work for everyone.
I’ll make the adjustments now, look out for the update in a matter of mins

Somebody post a save and I’ll make one for Horizon lol

Good work :smile:

i will post my modded save that i just did?

as i said the max is 2000000 so u shud be able 2 find it

here it is


yes the save is called Alaska.sav :s

Thanks Cheater.

Editor Updated

Cool, nice release. If i had the game i would want everything to be Zero right?

Do this put you rank 20 online or just career