[Release]Prototype 2 XP Editor v2.3 Cc84 Modz UPDATE!

This editor was built by a guy named Ccaveman84 … but it works great 100% legit , and 100 % confirmed working …

How To:

Open Me

Directions for use:

Extract your save to the desktop

Use With Hard Save (B and onwards) Auto save (Slot_A) Wont Work

Open your save with my mod tool

The tool will display your current XP total

Simply type the amount of XP you wish to have (Max 2500000)
Or Simply hit the Max XP button to max your player XP.

Re-Hash and Re-Sign

Then inject the save onto your USB memory Stick or directly on to your Xbox 360 hard drive.

If you max the XP it will jump you to level 22And you will have 22 upgrde points to spend
Enough to unlock all of your upgrades.

people have reported that after modding their XP they have not been able to continue the missions
its looks like You can not mod the full 23 levels as it seems to mess up the game if you do

[b]the resolution to this seems to be to mod your save, load it and spend the upgrade points
then lower your XP again before continuing

you may not get the max XP but you will still get some sweet upgrades[/b]
[b]to help you through the game.

Download File[/b][details=Open Me][Release]Prototype 2 XP Editor v2.3 Cc84 Modz UPDATE! - Xpgamesaves Xbox 360 Modding Forums[/details]

Dont Forget to hit the thanks button if this helped you …

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Seeing as this has nothing to do with Horizon…

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The solution i found to this was that , mod you’re XP but everytime you start the game, don’t press continue just re load the save (manual save - slot B or whatever it is.)
And it will work from there.
If not just lower your XP to 21000 then load the game manually again.

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