Version: (5/23/2015)

Change Log: - Fixed an error where the editor wouldn’t recognize saves that didn’t have the XL expansion due to a recent title update.


  • Upon Loading, It will create a backup of your original file.
  • You can load Either SAMURAI2 (Samurai Warriors 2) or SW2XL_US (Samurai Warriors 2 Xtreme Legends) Gamesaves.
  • Also Upon Loading, if you load a SAMURAI2 save, ALL characters in association with the Xtreme Legends DLC add-on will be disabled.
  • Mod whatever you want for either saves Loaded.

Characters Skills.

Samurai Warriors 2 +Xtreme Legends Editor V

Virus Scan

Updated the editor that fixes some loading errors for some users.

It is nice to see that you fixed that issue with the old editor.

I’ve been meaning to get around to it for quite some time now but other projects were piled on. Well, that and I never had a save that didn’t have the vanilla Samurai Warriors 2 but with the latest title update in order to fix it – until I fixed an old secondary 360 and tried it that way and with a couple of test saves.

Glad to see returning users.

Thxs for this! Will use it tonight!!