[Release] Skyrim savegame - God mode, lvl 225, all items/magic

Cant test everything but all stuff should be working… please post back results!


What it includes:


god mode ( not working atm coming soon ! )
Level 225
All weapons/armor ( not enchanted to prevent freezing )
All potions/scrolls/books/misc
No weight limit ( can carry as much as you want )
Max Gold
Maxed skills

Save is as soon as you get out of the cave and is at riverwood

If you can bind in this game I could add no-clip and some other things :thumbsup:

Download - http://www.mediafire.com/?74reh96bo390tjp


  1. Download
  2. Insert HDD into transfer cable/ or a usb
  3. Inject save with Horizon
  4. Play the game and enjoy! :smile:

Thanks for this! I will be sure to test this on another profile. And this game is amazing btw. :smile:

can you add some gold please because it only has 298

So this is like, maxed out completely?

can’t mod it unless somebody saves it to their xbox and updates their xbox then re-saves it then sends it to me.

could you take that save and boost the stats and gold please

So is this near the beginning of the game? Picking it up soon :thumbsup:

and… MW3 :expressionless:

[QUOTE=DeadSkull;804306]So is this near the beginning of the game? Picking it up soon :thumbsup:

yeah just tried it and it is right at the beginning

I will add maxed out stats and gold later :smiley:


Uploading new save now!

new stuff:
fixed god mode ( wasnt on )
added max gold
max skills

PC version of it?

This is a 360 save, i can get the pc save of it if you want :wink:

That would be lovely. :smile:

Or you can teach me how to hax it. :thumbsup:

here, insert this into documents>my games>skyrim>saves


And its pretty easy lol

is that the save for 360 or no? thanks for your time.

never mind that was for pc sorry

Pretty kick ass save, thanks a lot!

a frost troll just demolished me so I don’t think the god mode is working

Are you using the latest one? I updated it a bit ago