[RELEASE] Test Drive Unlimited 2 Editor

Added ability to mod Casino Chips (thanks to Isaac Clarke @ 360haven for the save)
updated the GUI (temp)
Added support links(linking to 2 sites I can be reached 100% of the time) if I cannot be reached here or if someone else posted my tool and cannot give the proper support.

[Disclaimer:]This was made for educational purposes. Being that I am a legit Online Gamer myself, I do not condone online Hacks/Cheats/Glitches/Exploits in anyway and I stand FIRMLY by that.
NOT FOR ONLINE USE: If you use this online, there is a possibility you will get banned from Atari servers!! this was intended for Offline/Single Player use. Any Hacks/Cheats/Glitches/Exploits should be only used for OFFLINE/SINGLE player.

Mod Money (cap set at 999999999)
Ability to Mod Competition Points, Social Points, Discovery Points, and Collection points. *(Raised cap)
Mod Casino Chips (cap set at 999999999)
*New Discovery values for each zone

How to use:
Extract DATA file from PLAYERSAVE.
Load DATA with the editor and click save once done editing.
Now Inject the DATA file back into the PLAYERSAVE.

NOTE:Don’t just “Look” at your points in-game and say, “OMG, the points don’t work”. You have to do something to increase them and instantly get up to the level you want

ALSO, THOSE who are having trouble still READ this before posting;
if your save STILL comes up corrupt after using the editor, DO NOT USE MODIO’S STFS repair (Resigner/Rehasher).
(it’s touchy with alot of gamesaves, alot of members and myself have reported this to the developers and…yea)


  • 360 Revolution/Horizon (To Inject/Extract and/or Rehash/Resign)
  • or
  • CONcept0.3(to Resign)/Hash block Calculator(to Rehash)

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Editor V1.0.0.6

Virus Scan

whats ur msn

i ought horizon had a tool for this? or am i wrong

slyfuldragon@hotmail.com lol why?

thats Test Drive Unlimited One

right ive added you come online , and ill have a look if it does have a checksum ?

I wub you!!!

I’m online, and thats the thing, I don’t know if it does or not, I just hex edited the guys save and he never got back with me. judging how he never got back with me AND he’s still online.

I can safely assume that it worked (thats why i made the tool)

i love you lol i thought it would be a couple of months be for mods were out

right u add me (midimoto34@hotmail.com) and ill have a look at if ur program does have a checksum?

…my program? I was talking about the save.

Nice program. Thanks for sharing it man

no prob, hopefully it works (if not I can take a deeper look into) but for the time being, here you guys go :smile: lol

smart assembly protected.

there for its not your code

Confirmed**** I does know the wright file, I tried to open a forza save and it said that isn’t a test drive unlimited 2 save, so I think it will work, just we have to wait untill tuesday.

lol yea i know, but thanks. :wink:
in regards to our to our other conversation.

thats because I told the program to read the Test Drive Unlimited 2 ID and only that. I just don’t know if it has a checksum or not because I only had one save to work with (without the game myself) if I had two different saves from the same person or the game myself I could tell. lol

but we’ll see.

If there’s no checksum, send me a save lol

I’m not in the mood to download a game right now.

For Test Drive Unlimited

Money offset: &HD02E
Coupons offset: &HD032

Both are in int 32

Test Drive Unlimited 2:
is that all that is avaliable for mod :S
TDU was money and coupons.

Lol sounds good, at least I know it’ll work then.
I figured since the guy never got back with me. I assumed that it worked for him and his PAL “Promotional copy”

His Image:

Open Me

ah, had to re-read it.
from what I know so far. once I get the game I can look more into it. :smile:

The offsets for TDU weren’t static. Close to it though.

If this works, that’ll be awesome. I’m getting the game right on release day morning and i’ll come home and test it for you. If it works that will be the coolest thing ever.