[RELEASE] Warriors Orochi 3 Editor


New Features:
Unlock all Stages (without having to raise any “bonds” between
Unlock ALL Items Including rare ones *1
Unlock ALL Wallpaper *4
(Added a few things as preventative measure toward possible future bugs)

Returning Features:
Edit Gems *2
Edit Growth Points
Edit Crystals *2
Edit Lottery Tickets
Edit ALL desired Characters Stats and EXP
Unlock any Character *4
Edit ALL Character’s Slot #1 Weapon *3
Edit Slot #1 Weapon’s Abilities, Slots and Compatibility
Edit Item Strength

Be sure to read the README.TXT included with the editor!!

Warriors Orochi 3 Editor V1.1.1.2

I don’t know how popular this game is, but I used it and the program works fine so great job! Keep it up.

Yea its not that huge on the 360 side. Its more popular on the Sony side since it started with Dynasty Warriors 2 on the PS2 (its fan base was only sony until a few xbox original releases) Even then, the PS2 had a large fan base and not many people knew about DW that only had an xbox when the games started coming over. But then you have the new fans, fans that have only or prefer to play a 360 that has been playing since the PS2 Warriors Games, then you have fans that only stuck with the Sony side or even play on both.

But yea its not that popular on the 360 side of things but dammit what fans we have on the 360 are a great amount of die hard fans (with some newcomers here and there). :smile:

Great job sly! Looking forward to see what you can do with this like what you did with Warriors Orochi 2 and all the other Warriors games. :smiley:

I loved Dynasty Warrios/Samurai Warriors until I realized every single game is the exact same.

Unfortunately, it seems like many developers have fell into the habit of copy-paste gaming and releasing a new “version” each year.

This game series would be far much more popular if they spent more time creating one game over multiple years, instead one game each year. A new engine would help too, but might be too expensive for a smaller Asian company. Can’t say they have very good marketing either, at least not in the States.

Anyway thanks for the editor! Hopefully KOEI can make a comeback someday cause I miss these games.

Well, this is by far the best one out of them all.
And the thing with Koei-Tecmo’s Hack-and-Slash “Warriors” Games, is that they are trying to stay as accurately true to the story that they are based off of, be it may Romance of the 3 Kingdoms, Feudal Japan, Fist of the North Star, even Gundam stories. There is not much you can change mechanics wise when the story has alot to do with it.

We’ve seen them try and DW6 was the perfect example of the fans judgment of Koei-Tecmo trying to make a big change. All you can do with games like “these” is refine and tweak (pretty much what they have been doing since DW3 XL)

I dunno, maybe I’m just too much of a loyal fan to continue to purchase each game and thoroughly enjoy each game as much as the game(s) deserves.

This game series would be far much more popular if they spent more time creating one game over multiple years

EDIT: Nevermind, didn’t know this game was in subtitles.

Editor Updated to V1.1.0.1

OH man!!!
Awesome update sly! Even though the game was fun to play and beat legitimately, it’ll be 20 times more fun now starting a new save with this! Thanks Sly. Keep it up!

Editor Updated to Version

i was asking if u could make me a save i already have ur latest orochi editor but it takes too long can u add more stuff to the editor itself to make it easier for people and i know it took u so long to make it and i really appreciate it but theres just some stuff i thought u forgot to add and pls can u do these things so it can be easier

Great stuff already having a blast with the earlier version will try this one soon.

How do i use the editor?

Do you understand the basic concept of “gamsaving”?
Though it may sound like a dumb question to some, it is quite serious.

EDIT: And I will be disregarding your post since it would seem you were just posting just for the sake of posting and not really looking for support. If thats not the case, please reply back, otherwise disregarded.

when its going to update so that I can unlock all costumes?:worried:

I still have plans to update that. I’ll be getting my game back from a buddy soon enough – I lent it to him so he can try it out.