Remnant: From the Ashes Cheats and Trainer for Steam

My guess is he is waiting till the game is actually released in 2 days

Only used F1 - F2 (unlimited health/stamina) - works with no issues for me. I’m almost to the end of game Normal diff.

PS. Used also Unlimited ammo/ No reload on the final boss (that fight is extremely boring to test my skills :slight_smile: ) - still no issues.

Conclusion: works for me from Beginning to the end of game on Normal difficulty

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Which bosses exactly ? , Can you share a gamesave ?

Unlimited Items seems to have permanently set my maximum Dragon’s Heart charges to 53 instead of reverting to the previous value. Not a big deal, but still a bit funky.

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The Remnant: From the Ashes cheats have been updated!


  • Increased scrap requirement to 500 to avoid effecting other items

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

yes it working top notch all of the things are working correctly , sorry for late reply .

anyway for you to make the dragonhearts revert back to base/upgraded amount after disabling unlimited items

Also works now for bosses for me (i.e. no longer auto healed) that it did not before.

my friend told me “hackers” took over the game recently and I KNOW he has used wemod in the past (he might still) but he told me that joining a random lobby caused him to irreversibly have unlimited dragon hearts which made him look like a cheater when he says he was all vanilla, do you know if this is a possibility?


No he probably used wemod which he should not have used It online. Was a problem here with the dragon hearts before

Isn’t there a way to set a value to the items / dragon hearts instead of just maxing them out?

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but someone elses mods wont effect the other players right? I mean I own and use Wemod a lot and even considered it in this game but since I am all vanilla up to this point I dont want to chance joining a random if it has the chance of messing with my dragon hearts (if what he says is true)

I don’t think If someone else has the mod on that it will mess with yours at all.
There was a problem with the dragon hearts earlier but it was fixed the unlimited items was messing with dragon hearts but mr.antifun fixed it

Your “friend” wasn’t quite honest with you.
He used cheats and then joined a multiplayer lobby

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Ya, I used this trainer in order to avoid grinding simulacron for the last upgrades to weapons and armor. Later on i looked down and saw I had 53 dragonheart uses…It completely ruined the game for me. I’m trashing that character and starting up again sometime in the future after some DLC comes out. I already put some time into this game and I just cant bring myself to start fresh again.

I will add a fix for the dragon hearts for people already effected and a fix to avoid the issue in the future .

I had the exact same thing :frowning:

The Remnant: From the Ashes cheats have been updated!

@Chappie87 @bagnalj @KlausKlavier @KindBean51 @Wanderbot

Trainer updated with a cheat to reset all inventory items to 3 including dragon hearts, Use it to reset everything instead of having to start over, You have to use a consumable after using the cheat and opening inventory to see consumable items such as dragon heart value updated.

I added an item editor for inventory, Simply open the inventory and click on the item you want to edit and set its value.

Items editor doesn’t work on scraps and since scraps is considered an item i set the scraps cheat to only effect things with count over 1000, Should be easy getting there with the items editor editing items and selling them.

Also items editor shouldn’t be used on weapons/Armors only stackable items


  • Set Selected Inventory Item Count cheat added
  • No Recoil cheat added
  • Reset Inventory Items To 3 cheat added

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


can i link cracked exe to the trainer?