Remove Diamond

HorizonMB, I would appreciate it if you would remove the diamond system, because myself and im sure that there are many other people that use this would agree with me that we want to mod our games, and some of my favourite games like farcry 4 and assassins creed 4, are blocked for me, and those are one of my favourites. So with all do respect please remove the diamond system.

I disagree, Diamond keeps the site running and the keeps the program updated, without diamond I don’t think HorizonMB or the Tool would even exist.

If you want to mod Farcry 4 or AC4 so badly, why don’t you spend a little money on diamond and help the site out.

Diamond won’t be removed. Diamond is essentials giving back to the developers. They put in their hard effort and time in to making this tool we are lucky to get any features free. If you want to support Horizon and have access to them tools you should pay for Diamond

There’s not much I can say, Labogani & xboxhacks pretty much said it all.

Bottom line it’s not going to happen. You want Diamond? Pay for it.