Reptile squad vs Finest Squad

Haha I love keem, these two ‘hacker’ groups are so childish.

I blame Sony & Microsoft for not enhancing their security.We pay out the @$$ for subscriptions and people can ddos the servers when ever they want.

That was just idiotic, lol.
Then when the lizard kid started going off of how he hates the government just because of illegal prostitution and taxes is when I really lost it; he must be one of the dumbest people if he doesn’t even know what taxes are actually meant for, and to hate a country for that? lol, he must have been hit in the head when he was born.

Goddamn, what a joke.

Saw this the other day. So much beta.

Apparently LS took out all of North Korea’s internet and said that both XBL/PSN servers had more capacity then NK servers.

First off, without touching on the main subject of LizardSquad vs FinestSquad, why do people still believe KEEMSTAR is entertainment? I’ve heard his name around the gaming community since MW2 and I don’t know what makes him that entertaining. I know he was known for trolling in S&D for YouTube views, but now he has moved onto instigating on matters in which don’t matter?

(ex: Did KenZ cheat on OpTic Scumpii? / Did Nadeshot and so-and-so have a relationship? / etc.)

…I remember awhile back seeing that he was partnered with MLG or something, back when they were trying to get every pro player to move from to, but why give someone like this the time of day to reflect/represent your brand?

On topic, like Sean stated, I see both groups coming off as idiots; one trying to come off as the good guy and the other the bad guy. I will say I watched the entire video, but what was proven…nothing. I’m sure this could come off as a bit out there to some, but I feel as if the world would be such a better place without people like this! (ex: People who think they truly have a bit of power because they are in a gang/whatever they want to call it; whether it’s over the web or not.)

Overall, I doubt anything will be happening on Christmas, but if something were to aspire than I’m sure the law will eventually get involved if it hasn’t already.