(Req) Destiny Editor

now im sure a lot of it, if not all of it is server sided, but i figured id upload this anyways

there isn’t any gamesave, so i uploaded the .gpd



Level 21 (20 is level cap plus the 30 light gives it 21)

5259 glimmer (glimmer is shared through all characters so it could be on .gpd)

11 vanguard marks

6 crucible marks

Light 30

Defense 683

[u][/u]Gear (Equipped):[b][/b]

Deep Fix T76 - Auto Rifle

Allowance V/C4 - Sniper Rifle

Genghis-E - Machine Gun

Nemesis Plane III - Helmet

AOS#AI-Suhail V - Gauntlets

Nemesis Plane VI - Chest Armor

Nemesis Plane - Leg Armor

“Blood Maturity” - Warlock Bond



Mote of Light - 2

Plasteel Plating - 2

Sapphire Wire - 2

Strange Coin - 2

Spirit Bloom - 16

Weapon Parts - 46

Helium Filaments - 21

Spinmetal - 15


Special Ammo Synthesis - 1

Blue Polyphage - 2

Resupply Codes - 2

The GPD doesn’t contain any save data.

so then absolutely everything is stored serversided?

If there isn’t a savegame and the gpd doesn’t contain save data, that seems to be the right assumption.

I wouldn’t even want to do this honestly. I feel like Bungie is going to crack down HARD on modders.

Not to mention it would probably ruin the game

I’m glad it’s all server sided. No modded stats on the first few days!

I hope there are no mods on this game, its hard enough as it is.