*Request* Burnout Paradise 102% + Diamond P12. Game Save

If anybody has one please post or pm me asap.

Thank You,


Why Burnout? Forza is better IMO, but then again Forza is more real racing, Burnout is kind of NFS style.

Because i had one for Paradise and it got corupted. I worked my butt off. getting that Diamond P12. just to see it all go away. But yeah Forza 3 is diff then Burnout, + i already have a 100% gamesave for Forza 3 if anybody wants it. let me know.

Oh that sucks. And Horizon Diamond has a Forza mod tool so im good for the file.

No one has one really? come on one of ya’ll must have one :smile:

i would like a 100% forza download.

I Tryed to give a Forza 3 save to my friend today and when he booted up the game it said the save was tampred with. so some how turn Turn 10/Microsoft knows it was someone other then the org holder. so i guess they dont work. but the good news is i have only herd of this happening on Forza 3. and no other game. Werid huh?

i have some saves in my thred here…


Megaupload =(:frowning:

Come on anbody. I need one really bad. I need big surf island complete.

I had of the game

im looking for one that has everything completed 102% plus the challenges and big surf completed and the diamond p12 and that the cars have modded colors but doesnt have the drivable traffic cars.

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