[REQUEST] for Borderlands 2 Editor

Here is my GPD and save from Borderlands 2. I am posting them because I don’t know what is stored where so here is both. I’m not sure if anyone here has looked into it or what but I figure I might as well ask. I hope this information is useful.

Level 19 Siren
XP - 260,247
Bad Ass Rank - 1081
Bad Ass Tokens - 45
Eridium - 72
Money - 14,484
Skill Points - 15

Can this even be done yet? lol

I know it can on PC. The developers actually support modding of it too.

Some guys at 360Haven have done theres with trainers and are pracically invincible with one shot weapons (one of them was streaming). I’m not sure so I’m doing my part to at least give people a chance to look at creating a save editor for retail consoles.

For PC or all consoles, because that’s pretty cool… it’s like a Open source game :thumbsup:

Someone is bound to release a Borderlands 2 save editor, most new games have a mod tool released in roughly a day or 2. In my opinion I would search on YouTube or Google for the mod tool.

People on 360haven are working on a mod tool right now, but the save is compressed and everyone is waiting for someone to release a method to decompress the savedata.
When thats done i’d probably expect a tool within 24 hours.

I have a request for anyone able to do

As Google stated there is editor’s being worked on at the moment. There was an editor but it was causing to many errors. Even Jtag trainers are causing a pain due to the game having dynamic offsets. You should see a tool very soon, If you cant wait just use a max gamesave found in the borderlands section.

Could someone extract the data from inside the gamesave and upload it for me please, I wanna check it out. ( using windows 8 )

Here you go. The stats should be max so will be easy to find also level 50


Could you also upload the data from his gamesave also so I can compare.

Here you go


decompression tool, came out like 3 days ago for borderlands 2 on x360 haven.
[WIP] Borderlands 2 Compression Tool

also a vip tool, might not be but it wont let me view it

The compression tool was made by kill_seth and it doesn’t work. He stated when he released it that it the the data may not be decompressed when using it and that the compression of the saves was not known by him. I’m thinking kill_seth will be the first one to successfully decompress the save and then Idlehands will make a Badass editor.

Anyone tried willowtree? I saw It was recently updated 14 hours ago.

Yea their when have been tons of news if they had figured out Borderlands 2 and incorporated it into Willow Tree.

Also the Trainer nor the modified DLC work for everyone, neither work for me.

Are you sure? What version is it now?

I tried WillowTree last night, and well, it was a “no-go”. But I have yet to try again today. :confused: