Request for Sheltered 2 Trainer

I know that Sheltered 2 came out relatively recently, but because of that I do think it would be useful to put out some suggestions for a trainer on this new game.

  • The hacks for the first game could be used as a baseline since those features were carried over into the new game.
  • New needs, such as temperature, were added into the game. These are things that I would find useful as separate hacks; as apposed to an all-encompassing hack.
  • A new skill system for faction leaders was added. This mimics the Project Zomboid style of traits. It would be useful to have a hack allowing for infinite skill points.
  • Faction relationships are very important in this game. Hacks relating to this would be, to say the least, useful.

There is probably stuff that I missed. So, if you do find anything else, it would be appreciated to leave a reply here. For the programmers, thank you for your consideration.

Hi there, We do not accept trainer requests via the forums. Please follow the game in WeMod by clicking “Notify Me” on the game’s page in WeMod. If enough users are following the game and the game meets our criteria for a trainer it will be added to the queue and worked on.

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