Request:modern warfare 3 special ops mod tool

tittle says it all;)

Welcome to XboxMB maybe?

OT: There is currently not one out as I am aware.

Maybe soon, but not at this point of time.

Edit: seen where it was posted.
Horizon Suggestions.

Answer: never.

Please search before posting then you would know Horizon will not contain Call of Duty mod tools as one of the developers got in trouble with Activision.

oke well horizon is awesome anyways so im happy :wink:

If you check the Xbox 360 Modding Tools forum, some of our community members have released modding tools for Call of Duty. Check them out!

awesome gonna look right know ;D

one question though on my gears of war 3 stats editor my game freezes sometimes and i lose my player data any help with that?

There is one out, but it only edits your xp and kills, not any of the titles and emblems.