[Request/Wishlist]Touch international Trainer

I Hope all this is enuff information helpful to get this created >.<

Hey Can some1 make a Cheat for this game or Trainer i just need 1 or 2 simple cheats added >.< this game has NO ANTI-CHEAT
If u dont wanan follow*this link then Google “Touch dancing game” and it should b the first 1

Its a dancing game and a trainer for it or some kinda hack to be able to get Always Perfect and Always Cool and be able to turn it on or off anytime and switch between them, i would pay for this to be made if i had money ;-;

Screenshot of the ONLY hack out there right now, it ONLY has Always Perfect, I need to get Always Cool Aswell so i can just turn off Always Perfect and use Always Cool and the the Accuracy is not 100% at the end of every game.

This is the only working Hack out there for this game, and it runs like cheat engine, i know it does becuzwhen i run the programthe cheat engine logo appears on the top left of the program.

if some1 could make 1 it would be greatly appreciated
Link to the hack but its missing Always Cool as an option.

this Cheat has Always Perfect Only, if u could make 1 that does All Cools As well and being able to switch between landing all cools or all perfects it would be greatly appreciated. please i would be so greatful,

This is an multiplayer ey?

We dont support MP games so i guess it will be a no from the games :confused:

:confused: the game is not competative its just a dancing game :frowning:

Can you play this game OFFLINE, in a Single player mode, or does it require an always ONLINE connection ?

Because, WeMOD doesn’t support MP cheating, and they won’t make any trainers, if the game has an always “online” feature/connection.

Though, if this game can be played completely offline, then that’s a different scenario, assuming there a Single player mode option…

They will not make a trainer for this game, sorry.

(Going of what I see on the website) This so called game is web-based and the only thing you install is a unity 3d web application/browser plugin.

Plus the entire site is shady. I read the words (find your love" and then after scrolling down I saw multiple pictures of real (as in not not animated), young, attractive asian females.

I would not even risk clicking any buttons, who knows what would happen. Some ■■■■■■■ internet herpes or some other ■■■■.

I bet they have co-op. Dont you want to dance with me?
Just tried it, best dancing game ever. I r8 it 8/8 no h8 m8 :3

Just as we are clear, i didnt try it. Was jk, but you are right, site is shady af

Hehe, I bet if you dig a little deeper you will find some prestine CP. Found this http://touch.3claws.com/fans/?id=447. Hopefully the age is incorrect, otherwise we will all be on a list.

Shes ligal for you tho, go get her tiger :wink:

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u click Download Client, thats the game client

The loading screen screenshot had an url on top of it.