Reset hot keys

Ok have looked at previous posts to find out how to do this… Have clicked on each individual hot key and pressed backspace/delete and keeps giving me a new hot key of ctrl/alt/del or ctrl/alt/backspace as the new hot key! Just press (for example) F2 and keeps giving me ctrl/alt/f2 as the new hotkey. Just want to get to the default and enter my new hot key. What am I doing wrong??

When changing keybinds, if you press the Backspace key, it should reset it to default the default keybind.

If you press the Del key, it should delete the keybind altogether.

Can you send a screenshot of what it looks like when you try this?

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It might be a good idea also to make sure your keyboard isn’t malfunctioning.

Or that you haven’t turned on Sticky Keys by pressing Shift too many times in a row.
Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard > Scroll to Sticky Keys > toggle off.

If it’s a USB keyboard, try a different one. If it’s a built-in keyboard, try a USB one.

Update your keyboard drivers.

Testing your report on four random trainers, I’m not experiencing the same issue as you.

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Thanks for the replies, it would appear I have resolved the issue. After many attempts it transpired that (correct me if I’m wrong) actually clicking on the Toggle field (rather than the hotkey field) allowed me to reset the keys to my preference. I was sure I had done this before but I could have been mistaken. So a little bit red faced I’m afraid! I really appreciate your speedy response Ravenfyre and AussiePixelBit, I hope I haven’t wasted your time! Bit of a noob atm!

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No worries at all! Glad you managed to get the issue sorted. :slight_smile: