Resident Evil 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Don’t mean to be a pain, but we also need the none ray traced cheats back. Alot of peeps cannot run it with there setups.

Большая просьба, обновите трейнер для Resident Evil 2,3,7 игры на днях обновилась и читы больше не работают.

The trainer supports non-raytracing. The option for raytracing is there, you do not have to use it just because you updated.

The trainer needs an update regardless. There are several cheat cods that do not work. Reset game time, and unlimited health arent working.

Both cheats are working fine for me. Are you trying to use the beta build (DX11)?

No. Im using the most up to date build that was just released a few days ago. I’ll try to reinstall and see if it works.

I am using the beta build (using RT version, mods no longer work) and unlimited health and 4x damage auto turn off when you try to use them. reset time also doesn’t work.

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The trainer is not for the beta build. You will need to switch to the public build or use an older trainer version which I still can’t guarantee will work.

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Did a reinstall work?

Apologies for the late reply but yes it did. For some reason it didnt recognize the upgrade when it initially installed but wasnt the old version. It’s fixed now. If I encounter any other issues I’ll return here.

Unlimited Ink Ribbon didn’t work for me

Unlimited Ink Rib isn’t workin, used a number through my hardcore playthrough and yep, ran out every time so ye. Just letting u guys and devs know.


It’s more of a curiosity if someone else had the same thing happen to me: using x4 damage in the fight against Birkin in the train elevator and time (10 minutes), he seems to have infinite life since he is not affected by damage with any weapon ( hardcore mode)

Just started playing and so far the ammo cheat isn’t working at all.

Hey this Trainer is amazing but unfortunately Unlimited Ink Ribbons is not working.

It works you just have to pick up ammo first. I also thought its not working. :sweat_smile:

Friendly reminder: Be sure to disable cheats BEFORE boss fight in main power room (in the sewer). It might caused serious bugs.