Resident Evil 3 trainer not supported?

Hi i dragged the RE3 exe file and start the game from Wemod but after a short while the game force close and it says this version is not supported… why ??? how can i fix this ??

The trainer is made for the steam version of the game. Trainer should be working fine as I just used it like 2 weeks ago.
And it is for singleplayer use.

what u mean? i cant even start the game… yes i play to play the solo campaign… but its saying its wrong verison… i think its the steam version… .

Do you play on steam? that would make it the steam version.

Yes its the steam version and it dont work sadly… it dont say anyway on wemod what version is support or not i dont get it.

Where did you actually get the game from?

If it’s cracked/pirated, it’s not a Steam game. It can’t be both cracked and Steam, it’s one or the other. :slight_smile:

In any case, try launching the game first. Sit on the main menu for 5 minutes. Then alt+tab to WeMod to press Play.