Resident Evil 4 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

i have the same problem it crashes before i start game and says “fatal d3d error(25)” idk what do do… please help

which .dll do i have to remove
because I only have to play dinput8.dll for the trainer to work

so the .dll didnt work for me for about 2 weeks. tried again today and what i did was

  • put .dll file in RE4 biohazard folder with the Re4 application file.
    -start game with steam or double click app.
    -when at main menu click load game and load an AUTOSAVE, mine was about an hour behind my manual save
    -when game starts hit play on wemods.
    -just sit still until it says “playing” if you have pro, just use your phone to check.
    -if the game doesnt freeze or crash, good to go.
    This worked for me. sorry for the slow replies. This may not work for everyone but i will help whenever i check this discussion again.

I had a problem with god mode and unlimited, in chapter 10, I disabled and enabled the maximum life editor, then I save normally again.