Resident Evil 4

Game Title: Resident Evil 4

Game ID: 4343081C

Mods Wanted: Inventory editor and money


Additional Comments: Money= 1000, Handgun ammo = 50 and Shotgun ammo = 8

If anymore saves or information is needed, I would be glad to provide it.

I hope this get’s made, because I’ll get the game…again. After doing all of this on my Gamecube version and the PS2 version, I just want to mod this one and have fun.

An editor for the best zombie game is a necessity.

Sick idea Ellie :smiley:

I know two chaps at haven are working on it, maybe you guys here can beat them, not that its a competition.

I personally love this game and was playing it on my JTAG earlier.

Could you upload a save with just a little bit more money?

this would be a great idea.

@Toxic Posion i dont think it is the best zombie game ever, i still think RE5 is but thats because i am not use to the way the game is played in RE4

This is a fun game tho. im adding it to my thread sometime this week

I’m definitely working on this.

sodgaigropei had to wipe the jizz of my keybored thanks <3

I think im going to have to use the mods if it getz done i cant get used to the controls when im panicing when getting attacked.

Please make a tool for this!!

I saw one one check there :smile:

I believe that’s the same one from 360haven, someone just leaked it on there.

and is there gonna be an update soon?

Please make it!!

< 3 great idea

even though i don’t own this game atm (but will buy it the next time) :smiley:

some news? ^^