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Resident Evil 7 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Hey there, thanks for the reply. I really hope we can get a fix for this soon. I also wanted to say that unlimited ammo cheat is causing problems with items. Such as key items and chem fluids etc. For instance if you use unlimited ammo cheat and use an item (i.e lantern) the item does not disappear, instead it sits in your inventory and you can’t delete or discard it. It is really bad when you are running for the “Resource Manager” achievement. I hope he fixes this too.


Vote for an update


hi! i’m sorry but unable to vote for an update in wemod


What do you mean you’re unable to vote for an update in WeMod? Can you be more specific :slight_smile:


Probably i’m wrong but it seems updated to the last version and i didn’t find any way to vote for an update


I understand, I’ll ask for this to be added to the voting list :slightly_smiling_face:

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thank you :slight_smile:


Trainer works well, despite some options not having an effect, was able to run through after my non-cheat play through and collect items easily…however, that is where the usefulness ended.
Doesn’t work on ANY of the DLC, it causes ALL main characters including Mia at the start of the Madhouse play through, to become invincible! so you can’t progress in Madhouse or complete the DLC’s
Couldn’t kill Jack in Nightmare DLC
Couldn’t kill Margaret in Ethan must Die DLC
Couldn’t kill Mia at the start of Madhouse main game play through (and Im assuming the others will be the same throughout the play though)

The trainer could also include an “invisible” mode for the Daughters DLC and a countdown freezer for Jacks 55th DLC.

I’m playing on Windows 10 on Steam.

Had to use another trainer for the 21 DLC .

Please take another look at this one, it’s still very popular


Generally, separate trainers are needed for DLC as they change how the game works. I’ll talk to the staff and see about adding a voting option for an ALL DLC version :slightly_smiling_face: