Resident Evil 7

Hello Guys. I need verification with something because I tried to use discord and didn’t get a clear answer.

I downloaded infinity because I wanted to get passed madhouse difficulty quickly to unlock stuff in Resident Evil 7. The question is if I start a game using the program and beat madhouse can I still use that save without using the program anymore or getting banned?

I just want to unlock a few things in the game which can only be done by beating madhouse difficulty but I don’t want to continue using the program or get banned for something that I am not using for multiplayer.


You can’t get banned in Resident Evil 7 for cheating in single player.

Okay that’s good to know! My final question is once I beat the madhouse difficulty using the cheats and unlock stuff can I simply load up the game without using the program and play the game in new game plus with the unlocks?


Ya that’s what I said. Your save stays the same with or without wemod on
BUT if you go online with your modded save then you take a chance of getting banned if stats are way crazy high. Depends on game and dev’s too

Oh I understand the save stays the same. I just wanted to make sure that the unlocks and achievements earned will stick. Why would I get banned for using cheats in a single player game? Doesn’t save save revert back to it’s normal state when the program is inactive? That is what I mean by being able to use the save without getting banned.

Because you’re asking questions about it and he thought the game might have an online mode hence your worry. Usually people asking these questions want to go online with a nodded save.

Like I said there’s no issue. You will be very unlucky, a one in a billion case if you manage to get banned in RE7

I don’t think you can get banned in RE7. It’s very unlikely to achieve that in a single player game. I personally didnt have any troubles (played it on ps4)

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