Resident Evil Cheats Not Working

So Last night I was playing Resident Evil HD with the cheats with no problem,so I started to play again today and now the cheats don’t work at all.I tried Wemod with another game and the cheats work fine.So I uninstalled and reinstalled Wemod and I got the same results.Does anyone know what could be the problem or if anybody else is having the same problem with this game?

Did you mean “Resident Evil / Biohazard HD”? Make sure you are using the correct trainer.

Notice the slight differences in the name of the game.

Yes I know the difference and I also found out that it seems it doesn’t work through the app but the file you gave me is the same one in the app and it works.I guess I won’t use the app but instead download each cheat that doesn’t one at a time and thank you.