Resident Evil Revelations -Gamesave set-

This set will allow you to unlock the following achievements:

The Storm is Gone - 10
【CAMPAIGN】Clear Episodes 10 - 12.

The Dark Forest - 20
【CAMPAIGN】Clear Casual difficulty or higher.

The Shores of Purgatory - 50
【CAMPAIGN】Clear Normal difficulty or higher.
Surviving Deep Darkness - 50
【CAMPAIGN】Clear the game in Normal difficulty or above without dying once.

First Victim - 5
【CAMPAIGN】Scan 1 hidden hand print.

Traces of Tragedy - 20
【CAMPAIGN】Scan 15 hidden hand prints.
Last Victim - 50
【CAMPAIGN】Scan 30 hidden hand prints.

Researcher - 5
【CAMPAIGN】Scan an enemy for the first time.

Research Complete - 50
【CAMPAIGN】Scan all enemy types.

Extract BHR_Data from the .rar file, rehash and resign it with your ID’s.

Load the game and choose Data 3.
You need to proceed through the level until you reach a dining room area with corpses over table. Look at the wall opposite the door you came in to find bloody checkmarks along the wall, as well as the handprint you need at the right end of the bloody checkmarks and handprints. This will unlock First Victimand Traces of Tragedy (I’d recommend unlocking offline if you don’t have these).

Go into the next room, you have to go down the stairs into the last boss room. Here get close to the throne and scan the last hand print. This will unlock Last Victim. Now wait until the battle starts and scan the enemy. This will unlock Researcher(You should already have this from start) andResearch Complete.

In case you died in the diving part, load Data 4, it will start right off the boss fight.

Now you have to beat the boss without dying, you can scan him again to get more green herbs if needed, there is a box where you can change your weapon loadout. After you finish the battle, you will unlock The Storm is Gone. After this, watch the last scene of the game, at the end of the credits you will unlock The Dark Forest, The Shores of Purgatory and Surviving Deep Darkness.

Enjoy guys :smiley:

Revelations by Mich.rar


Password of the file: mich2013

Credit by me.

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The pass dosnt is correct, Mich2013= error U_U,

Are you sure? I just tried it and it works
Edit: My bad, it’s without capital M

dude i cant download the file can you upload it again or somewhere else please :smile:.

Added a new download link for those having problems with MF

Excellent save works fine, but be careful in raid mode as I bought the RPG and Shop 'til Ya Drop popped.

Guys me and my Friend played Resident Evil Revelations - Chapter 10. When we try to start Chapter 11 - it simply wont load. Please, I really enjoy this game, and have been playing it since i was a kid. Please help, if you have a different kind of saved game, or a save game in different mode that you think it will work. My Xbox360 disc drive starts loading it, then that loud sound of the disk, and after that it just wont proceed, it just keeps on loading, but the disk stops, or it loads but not good enough, please help - help me out, then move this to the right topic. All the best


ShadowGlance no me funciona tu savedata…

ya cambie los datos con horizon pero me dice al jugar que esta erroneo :stuck_out_tongue:

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Research Complete where is?

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