Resident Evil Village Cheats and Trainer for Steam

It keeps crashing for me :frowning:


FYI - If you are using the edit Money feature to hit the challenges for 52911, 54321, or 77777, be aware that the challenge does not update until you receive your next money update to check for the challenge. I set the money to the right amount, then killed lycans until I got a money drop and THEN the challenge recognized the amount of money.
Also know that the money amount becomes static, as in selling anything does not increase your total. Use this to buy anything without the game decreasing your money, but return setting to 0 if you actually want to sell anything.

Hello, I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to close the Reframework Window it really bugging me

the rapid fire crashes the game :frowning: everything else is 100% good

The Resident Evil Village cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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you can use your mouse to click the x on the reframework window to close it

Insert or Home key i think.

“dinput8.dll was blocked because this type of file can harm your device” How do I fix that?

The spawn goal instantly isnt working.

I had to remove the dll from my system. my pc did not like it . it was affecting my desktop among other things


downloaded file, put it into folder, start the game trough wemod, game starts, I get the reframe thing, start up the game, press cheat:

Not working.