Resident Evil Village - Issues with Trainer working

So I tried digging throughout the site and online without any luck and just decided to post here. I saw this relevant link:

But never a resolution?

I copied the dinput.dll file to the same directory as the root directory of the game - the folder that contains the re8.exe file (I believe it’s named).

When I launch the game everything launches fine but the wemod app - when i toggle over to it seems unresponsive.

For the record, I’m using a Steamdeck but I’ve never had any issues like this before. I tried hooking up a keyboard to see if I could just use that but still the same issue. It’s like the cheat app just is frozen.

I will play other games using these - always the same way - launching the game then going into the cheat app and never an isssue. Any thoughts?

*I am using the latest version of the trainer

Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out. I understand how frustrating it can be when things don’t work as expected. Currently, we don’t provide official support for the SteamDeck, so any issues related to it might be a bit trickier to troubleshoot.

However, Dani has a support section on his GitHub page which could be really helpful for your situation. You can find it here: Dani’s GitHub Support. He might have specific advice or solutions for using the WeMod launcher on a SteamDeck. One thing you might want to double-check is whether the dinput8.dll file is correctly placed and whether there are any compatibility settings on SteamDeck that need to be adjusted. Sometimes, running the game and WeMod as an administrator can also help, though I’m not entirely sure how that translates to SteamDeck.

Thanks for the info and links. I’ll dig into this some more and see what I can turn up.