Resonance of Fate - Save Editor v1.2.0.0

Resonance of Fate - Save Editor


How To Use

  1. Extract ROE_[SaveSlot].bin from your XBox 360 storage device using Horizon.
  2. Load the bin in Horizon’s Package Manager and extract ROE.dat.
  3. Run the editor, load the dat and mod what you want.
  4. Save your modded data and replace the ROE.dat with the modded one.
  5. Rehash & Resign

If you mod the EXP of the weapon classes the overall level will be updated after a battle!
Working on the overall level so you don’t have to fight.

Also note that the modded HP and weight will not stuck unless you are max level (300).

The inventory editor is not finished yet. All cloth and key items are missing! Coming soon … depending on my free time.


  • Added icon
  • Added main tab
  • Added character tab
  • Added items tab

Resonance of Fate - Save Editor v1.2.0.0

Make a backup before using the editor!
If you have problems send me your save file and report me the bug or error. Thanks.

Updated to version :wink:
Now you can mod your character stats and inventory. Just read my notes, because you have to take care of some things. Have fun finally modding this game! ^^

it’s not working

Read the big red text.