Reveil trainer

Will there be a trainer for this game or is one already out. I couldnt find it under the search bar ?

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Isn’t this just a story-driven narrative exploration/puzzle game? Kind of like an interactive novel in other words? No health loss, ammo counts, etc? In that case what sort of cheats would be potentially useful in the game?

Either way - trainers are made or updated at WeMod based on the game’s current popularity amongst all of the active WeMod members. It’s a democratic system that makes sure WeMod is spending its resources on the things that people want the most.

If it’s not in the WeMod library yet, that means that WeMod has not detected that the game exists because not enough WeMod members own it at the moment. Which is really to be expected considering the game was only released a couple of days ago. :slight_smile:

Once it is in the WeMod library, you can click the “Notify me” button on the game’s page in the software to register your interest in having a trainer for it.

See more about how it works here:

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Thank you for the inclusion of your response

Sorry didnt exactly know what kind of game it was. I just saw the game and thought about buying it, just wanted to see if there were cheats, just in case I ever needed them. But knowing the game is kinda like a graphic novel, I will not be buying it. I have never been a fan of those games.