RimWorld Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Furthermore, the 999 cheat on stackable resources only works in some instances. It does not work for granite for instance or chempetrol canisters.

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I have bought it on Steam now as well.

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where do you change that?

People remember simple thing this is cheats . But in reality if you learn game and use mods you dont rly need a lot of them. Like 999 material- open dev menu and spawn anything you like. Want infinity energy- edit core folder enegy building file , like fire burning generator set fuel req to -1 and produced energy to any number. The game has access to all files everything you can edit and make as you like . This cheats are just complete your imagination. Want invincible buildings. Find text that says “no-health” copy it and paste in any building lines. Its literly makes building invincible.

will this get a update as it’s version 1.4.3641?

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Still waiting


The {colonist age 25} feature of the rimworld trainer is not working.

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1.4 update plz

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Heal Injuries causes the Mechlink to be removed for Mechanators breaking part of the game entirely, as the are single use implants. It took me a long time trying to figure out why it kept disappearing. Please fix this.



i did experience the same issues, pls fix there is no way going around it. The second you activate the cheat the mechlink disapears and you cant controll any of your mechs anymore.

The trainer is not working, the game crashes whenever you try to use one of the mods. More specifically it seems to run a program which then causes the game to stop responding and then crash. (Im not too familiar with computers so i might be totally wrong).

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For me its working, are you sure you got the newest version and not a cracked old one?

not working with version 1.4.3xx


Yep, with 1.4.3xxx not all functions working, need update :sneezing_face:

I play on Steam Version and the Max Skills is the only cheats that doesn’t work, other cheats perfectly work.

any plan you will update this trainer?

Mechlink came out in the new expansion “Biotech” and is quite important to the expansion.

However, when “Heal Injuries” is selected when a colonist has a Mechlink equipped, the link is removed.

hope this gets an update soon if mod is active world gen brakes, factions won’t generate. and if you activate the mod after you generate them, the game crashes. at least that’s what’s happening to me

After some testing, turns out to be the max skills toggle.

not everytime

sometimes my game crashes because of Max Research, sometimes 999x Res
Skill worked for me the most times, Res usually too but now it crashed…

don’t know if it’s something specific or in general (sorry for bad english)