RimWorld Cheats and Trainer for Steam

its happening because the Heal injuries is counting their implant as an injurie and healing it so they are no longer a mechanator
as a note Turning OFF the healing option crashes the game

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so far i see the healing is not working

I’ve managed to fix the instability from the stack to 999 cheat by installing the mod OgreStack: Steam Workshop::OgreStack and setting it to the 10x range mode in the mod settings. Poking around with Dev Mode it was showing a lot of errors whenever the cheat was engaged because the stacks were larger than the allowed stack size. This mod lets you set that stack size to well above 999 for most items and fixes that issue entirely.

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That’s an interesting find bear. I’m also using a stack mod that allows stacks bigger than 999, up to the 10s of thousands for many items and I still have the issue fairly often. Is it 100% fixed for you? Maybe the specific stack mod matters?

Interesting bug: enableing Heal Injuries also heals mechlinks (Biotech DLC) comletley breaking mechanisator scenario and all other mechanisators. Thing is mechlink is implant in brain, and only developers know why it counts as injury but all other implants does not

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For me its crashing with the “Max Research” option

New update came out yesterday, and inf. battery energy no longer works. Not sure about the rest, this was the only obvious effect I saw after starting up my save, didn’t want my city to perish due to lack of power so skipped right off again. Trainer also keeps returning error messages that it’s incompatible with the newest version of the game.

none of the cheats seem to work now, i dont get the message saying the versions are different either, they just dont work.

Не работает функция CTRL+F3 - быстрая постройка. Отключается после 2-3 секунд активации!

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Hello, I believe this needs update for the latest game update on 11/11/2022. Food, Sleep, Mood, Recreation and all other “Unlimited ___” mods are not working on certain characters (characters with active boosts are not working - characters with no active effects/boosts are working). Instant Construction is also not working. Thanks.

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I saw it mentioned twice, and would like to add another confirmed case: the “Heal Injuries” does remove the mechlink ‘implant’ (Biotech DLC).


I’m probably echoing what’s already been said, but the current cheats need updating. There isn’t anything precisely that causes my game to crash, I was effectively using the “no rest” function, but the moment I turned on “max skills”, it made the game crash. Other times it is a different combination that causes the crash.
There have been a lot of additions to the base game as of late, so I imagine these kinks will take some time to iron out.
Thank you in advance for the monumental effort that you put into WeMod.

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Unlimited mood, food ect not working and neither is instant construction

So, I’ve found that the rimworld cheats only work if you run the cheats before loading a save file or starting a new game.

What really drives my head for a spin however is that if you load a save first, activate the cheats and then re-load a previous save, it does not fix anything. A full game restart is needed at that point, with WeMod’s cheats running before game launch being the best result.

Can we please get a Rimworld Trainer for GOG Versions? I have even subscribed to Pro Version and wanted to boost this but it does not even show up in the Queue so that I may use my booster points.