Rise to Ruins

I’m sorry if i put this in the wrong place but there is a game called Rise to ruins and i cant even find it on the list to vote for is there a reason for this?

Hello @goldclaw07. :slight_smile:

I took a look and, sure enough, there is no trainer or option to request a trainer for this game.
I am personally unsure why there is no option to vote for this trainer, but I shall enquire with another team member.

However, looking around Google, it seems that there really isn’t a trainer for this game anywhere on the internet, besides an extremely unstable and broken one which causes game crashes. According to one source I found, a trainer is not possible with this game for technical reasons within the game itself, which the broken and unstable third-party (and apparently only) trainer seems to confirm.

There also seems to be a “Sandbox Mode” in the game that allows you to use in-game cheats? Which might be a useful alternative for the moment.

It is not possible to create trainers for JAVA games which Rise to Ruins is.

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