RobinHood:Sherwood Builders

Can we possibly get a trainer for Robinhood: Sherwood Builder? I know it may take some time to get on the list and get through the Q but would love to see it on there!


Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

At WeMod, trainers are made or updated based on the game’s current popularity amongst the entire WeMod community. It’s a democratic system that makes sure WeMod is prioritising its resources on the things that people want the most.

You can see the current trainer development queue by clicking the Creators tab in the WeMod software.

You can also improve the game’s visibility to the trainer creators by pressing the “Notify Me” button on the game’s page in the WeMod software. Remember that the game only released recently, and is not a AAA title, so it won’t have immediately grabbed the trainer creator’s attention.

See more about how it works here:

As a side note, it looks like a pretty cool game, doesn’t it?
Just a shame it seems to be entirely in the third-person perspective. Personal preference. :stuck_out_tongue:


The game is cool. Looking forward to it very much

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The game has been great so far! Thanks for the Quick response @Ravenfyre! Hope you have been able to enjoy some game time! Even in 3rd person its been awesome being the best archer of the Shirwood!

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Guess what?

:raised_hands: @jmcwilli1121 @CHENEN

I’ll close this thread since there is an official one for discussion now, just so that people don’t get them mixed up. :slight_smile: