Rocket League

I have been suggesting this for awhile but I wanted to make it official so that the devs can officially say no to my face and I can stop bothering them @STN @REPPiN @STiNGERR
I know there has already been a thread- but I thought I could shed some more informed light on the discussion. Psyonix, the developer of Rocket League, has openly admitted they have no opposition to mods that do not affect any form of multiplayer experience. This is a great thing and people on websites have already created custom maps (for offline free play) and custom textures (car decals etc.) for Rocket League. They are actually a lot of fun and completely harmless but I spent about an hour today learning how to mod textures from crappy tutorials and just-as-crappy-programs.

I legitimately believe that if it is implemented well into Infinity, it will gain a large user base. I will test it every step of the way and even advertise it. Rocket League is one of my favorite games and it has a dedicated fan base. The modding community for it is still new and if we can hop on the train it will only help the site.

If any devs want to talk specifics, you know where to reach me. If you don’t think it’s worth it, let me know. Tell me why so I can shut up. I am open to criticism.
Otherwise I am interested in any opinion the community has on this. If you don’t think it’s worth it, tell me. I am curious of your thoughts.

Thanks for your time


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I think you may be on to something @Travis. :pencil:


Idk what you’re looking for but rocket league is UE3 which extremely easy to make cheats and stuff for.

lul. You must not remember me well. I had to take my C++ class twice. I took 4 years of Spanish and can’t form a sentence. Languages other than the one I know currently, don’t work with me.
My point wasn’t “mods are hard I can’t do them” (even if it’s true) I think there is a market and the site can benefit from it. I’ve already been using a shitty program and shitty tutorials for modding the game. I think- actually- I know the people here are capable of making something much more enjoyable to work with.


It’d be cool to see some RL mods that don’t give an unfair advantage. Cosmetic stuff. Modded rocket trails and stuff.

I wasn’t directing it towards you, though it may have seemed like it.

Just in general it’s pretty easy to navigate ue3, so should someone make a tool for it, it would be easy.