Rollback to WeMod 6

Is there any way to rollback to WeMod 6? I just updated to 7.0.5 and, frankly, I don’t like it. The old design of 6 is just easier to use and it looked better in my opinion. The games on the collapsed left-hand menu keep changing despite me only playing one specific game lately. It’s even showing a game that I haven’t played in more than a year. The menu won’t stay open and continually collapses itself unless I maximize the window. I don’t want to run WeMod maximized as I typically have it side by side with another application. Overall, 7 feels more form over function and I’d rather just go with the old look. If I lose access to the new Queue system, so be it.


You can go back but we will be rolling out 7 to the public soon so you will be forced to update again at that point. All you need to do is uninstall WeMod and delete any folders remaining in AppData then reinstall it.

The games on left are defaulted to our most popular trainers then those change as you use trainers. You can keep the games list expanded by clicking the 2 arrows at the top left but wemod will need to be a certain size before it will work due to the size of the menu.

Considering I’m on the stable delivery channel and not the beta, I would say that 7 has already been released to the public and reinstalling it will just result in the same version again.

As for what’s listed on the left, it doesn’t matter to me what anyone else is playing so showing me those trainers serves no purpose. You should be able to control what’s there like perhaps it shows your selected favorites.

Regarding the menu that won’t stay open, I did say that I knew how to make it stay open but that it required making the window larger than I wanted. I understand that you’d want to create more room for the content when the window is smaller but there’s still plenty of room with the window taking up half of my screen. Despite that, I have no way to force the menu to stay open at that size. That should be an option. Why can’t the user decide what they want to look at and not be told how it should look?

Overall, I’m pretty disappointed with this update I I’m sure I won’t be the only one. I want to be open-minded but it really feels like a step backwards.

quick edit*
I do appreciate the response and I wanted to make it clear that I’m not ungrateful. I just can’t help feeling so disappointed at the complete lack of control and configurability in the 7 design.


Thanks for feedback!

What’s the size of the window you want the sidebar to be expanded on? We can decrease the minimum width and maybe move some cheat elements around.

We plan on adding more customizability to the mini sidebar, and favorites will likely be included in that.

Thanks for asking for more details, Frank. My second display where I use WeMod is 1920x1080. As I set the window to take up half of the screen, it would be sized at 960x1080. I really appreciate you letting me know that more customizability is coming. I do like the idea of favorites being quickly available as well.

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The current minimum window width is ~1000px, but I think we have room to shorten it to 950 or 900. Getting the sidebar docked on that width will be difficult though. There isn’t much room to work with. One thing we could do is hide the controls or hotkeys (configurable) when the window is below a certain width. Does that sound ok?

Hiding the controls would work for me just fine. Hiding the hotkeys, however, would be problematic as I find myself referencing them regularly. I have a tendency to forget which key enables which cheat. I rarely just enable cheats and leave them on. I like to toggle back and forth as well as adjust any cheat that is configurable and not a simple boolean on/off.

Have you considered making the font size adjustable? I tend to decrease the font size a little in any application that gives me that option. My memory may not be what it used to be but my eyes still work well enough😅. Doing so allows me to fit more content in a smaller area. The more I can fit into a window the better as it means I don’t have to tab out of what I’m doing to adjust what’s visible at any given moment.

We haven’t thought about allowing the font size to be configurable :thinking: I’ll see if that’s something we can achieve without a major code rewrite. In addition, we could also allow Ctrl+ and Ctrl- to zoom in/out.

Hmm I hadn’t considered the possibility of a zoom function. That could work as long as there are lower and upper limits to the allowed zoom. Don’t want anyone to zoom out so far that everything is tiny and unrecognizable :joy:.

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Same. I really don’t like the new UI design. It’s really cluttered and hard to navigate. I never understand why everyone decides to change their UI design when they already have what I would consider a perfect UI. The Wemod 6 UI was perfect to me and I miss it. I also miss the old points system. I had a some points saved up and was going to buy some votes but now they’re gone. Not sure if they were converted but if they were I can’t use them, only an option to buy pro. I guess I’ll be using more cheat engine until they add more UI customization to Wemod and make it easier to use.

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All points and votes have been converted to boosts. Can you post a screenshot of it telling you that you need Pro to use your boosts?

As far as the UI what do you find cluttered? We tried to keep the same basic design as V6.

Thanks for the quick response.

I may have overreacted in my saying that it’s “really cluttered”, a lot of people don’t like big UI changes when they’ve been used to something for a long time. By cluttered I mean that there are multiple buttons on screen at the same time for buying pro. The button in the bottom left corner on the search results seems kind of unnecessary when there is another big button in the top right next to my username. It gets in the way more than it did before. I do like the other suggestions people mentioned in the other posts in this thread.

As for the boost issue. This is what I see when I go to vote for a game.

get boosts

When I click on the “Get Boosts” button it just goes to the page to buy pro.

I had at least 2000 points saved (the ones you get passively from just using WeMod cheats, not the ones you buy). I’m not sure if those were converted but I see a number next to boost and couldn’t figure out if that was how many I have or not. Would be helpful if you guys could clarify more on the new boost system and how points were converted (how many points = 1 boost) in the new update.

Votes were converted 1:1 and WePoints were converted using the same costs as votes. So if you had enough WePoints to buy 100 votes (I believe this was 20000 WePoints) you were given 100 boosts. Similarly, if you had had 250 WePoints you would have been given 1 boost. You should have received around 8 boosts if I recall correctly.

Only Pro members will earn boosts which is why you are redirected to the subscription page.

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I think the new user interface is nice enough but I would ask for a compact mode if possible. What used to fit on my second monitor in one page now takes two pages making it difficult to use the second monitor for reference.

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